Monday, July 1, 2013

I have been reading

Hey there! So if any of you have been reading my blog, you know that I absolutely love reading! It is a great way to pass time and dive into another world! I always love reading other people's book lists and their opinions, so here is my list of the books I read in 2012.
The Lost Hero by:Rick Riordan: I received this book as a gift and decided it was about time I should read it. This is the sequel to the Percy Jackson series. Hands down, the Percy Jackson series is one of the greatest series ever! I had very high expectations going into The Lost Hero and boy was I impressed! This book totally lived up to the others and I am so glad that this book is also in another series or else I would be so sad! The Lost Hero is basically about three kids that are demigods of the Greek gods that go on an adventure but get caught in traps. I really loved this book because it was a fun read and had a lot of mythology in it. 
The Help by:Kathryn Stockett: Words cannot describe how much I love this book, but I'll try my best to. The Help literally changed my life. It made me want to become a better writer. I am sure all of you have either heard about the book or watched the movie. I am just saying that the movie does not do the justice. I really did love The Help movie, but the book is just so much better. Funny thing I bring this up because in my English class a few weeks ago we had a heated debate on book or movie. I of course said book because you can travel into another world that a movie just doesn't do for you. Other kids said a movie is better because you get more into the story because you can see the setting and characters. Honestly to me, movies take away your imagination and you are stuck in a boring world without it.  Anyway, sorry for that tangent, The Help is about a young writer looking for a new story. She asks her friend's maids, or her help, to be a part of the book and tell about her life. After much begging, the help agrees and they make a big book about a helps life. This book is absolutely amazing and can help brighten your day.
Where are the Children? by:Mary Higgins Clark: Everyone needs a good mystery once in a while that keeps you on the edge of your seat and Where are the Children? does that exactly. Where are the Children? is a mystery about two children being kidnapped. The mother of these children had a hard past life and finally was settled in a loving family. When her children are taken, she crumbles but with the help of those around her, she is able to get herself back together. This book was so tense and made me want to constantly read it! Where are the Children? is a great mystery and an awesome book.
The Gift by:James Patterson: The Gift was an o.k. book. It was the second book in the Witch and Wizard series and my hopes were set way too high. Witch and Wizard was the first book in this series and it was absolutely stunning. I read it twice before the second book even came out! The Gift was a little hard to get into and the majority of the book was boring. I wouldn't really recommend this book and it definitely wasn't my favorite.
Thirteen Reasons Why by:Jay Asher: This is by far my favorite book ever! I picked up this book when I was in New York(details coming soon) for a fun, easy, quick read. Although it was quick, there was a lot of drama that made this book beautiful.
The Fault in Our Stars: John Green: Cancer. It has always been a touchy subject for me. My mom has had cancer(she's all free of it and healthy now!) and so I have always been sensitive to the matter. My mom first found this book right before our trip to New York last July. She brought it along for the trip and finished it almost immediately. Right after, my mom gave it to my brother and he also read it super fast! After the pass down of the book, I finally received this marvelous book and deeply fell in love. I am not going to lye to you, this book made me very emotional. All three of us were crying at more than one time in this book. The Fault in Our Stars is very touching and will stay in your heart forever.
Unwholly: Neal Shusterman: This is the second book of Unwind. I love these books because it is a concept I have never ever read about. Imagine a society where if you are a trouble child, your parents have the option to Unwind you or in other words harvest every part of your body. Now don't feel scared, because this book is so good! I really enjoyed Unwholly and I think you will too!
Sold: Patricia McCormick: Set in Nepal, poverty is a major issue that has taken over a young girl named Lakshmi's world. In this book, I found myself feeling very spoiled. I had a house with everything I needed and way more knick-knacks than I should have. I read this in literally one night and felt myself connecting with this book very fast. This is one of my favorites!

 I hope that some of you have become inspired to pick up one of these books and get reading! Thanks for stopping by!