Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweater to Pillow

Hey Crafters! Happy Valentines Day! I hope that your day has been full of love!! A few weeks ago I picked up this sweater for really cheap(not intending to wearing it) because I like the pattern on the sweater. I thought and thought of what I could make. While browsing through Pinterest I saw these really cute sweater pillows that I loved! So I decided to make one two! A few years ago my sweet brother gave me a heart pillow on valentines day and I loved it! It has gotten a little worn out so I wanted to make one just like it!
                          Here's the original
                          Here's the replica
Now I'll break it down for you
I first took a sweater and cut off the top and bottom so I just had a loop rectangle. Next I cut the loop so I now have two pieces like this.
Next I traced the original heart and made a template. And then pinned it to one side.(I added another piece of fabric under the sweater fabric so the stuffing wouldn't come out.
 Next cut around the template. Do this to the other sweater piece. Next put the two pieces together and sew around, leaving an opening.
Turn the heart inside out and start stuffing. After your pillow is plump get a needle and thread to sew up the opening on the one side! Now you have a cute heart pillow!

Keep crafting!