Saturday, October 22, 2011


One of my favorite months of the year would have to be October. I love how the leaves change color, the air is getting colder but not to cold, and of course Halloween. I am not into scary things, but I still love the candy. This weekend was my fall break, so I got to be home and do whatever I wanted to. I absolutely love cooking, so I made a few treats this weekend. First, I started with my mom's delicious taco soup. It is so simple, I just added the ingredients to the Crock-Pot and let it heat up! Then I made fruit salsa with chips. The fruit salsa had mango, strawberries, kiwi, and apples. The chips were just tortillas baked with cinnamon sugar on top! Yum! Then I made Mini Cheese cakes that were delicious! Sadly, I was too late to get any pictures, because we have now eaten most of it. On friday, I made oreo cookies with cream cheese frosting. They did turn out a little doughy, but still really good! 
  At my school, I am in the National Juniors Honors Society. If you don't know what I am talking about, National Juniors Honors Society, or NJHS, is the students that have had good citizenship ship or good grades get to be in it. To be in the club, you have to have 4 hours of service per quarter of the school year. I was trying to think up some good service and finally thought up service that would be fun. Making quilts for children hospitals. I have just started sewing the 5" by 5" squares into rows. Here's what it looks like so far.

I wanted it to be a mixed matched quilt. So, another bonus, I got to use a lot of my scraps from previous projects! 
A week ago, my family was fortunate enough to take a family vacation in Mazatlan, Mexico! It was one of the best trips I have taken. Mazatlan is so beautiful. I was able to take some pictures while I 
 was there.
It was so incredibly green there!
 I thought this milk sign was kind of funny. 
 When we got to the resorts there were peacocks,
 frogs, (sadly this little guy didn't make it)
and hairy caterpillars.(my sister-in-law found this little guy in the swimming pool and we decided to save him, except when we would put him on the poolside, he would jump back into the pool!!)
The trip was amazing!
I hope all of you are enjoying October as much as I am!
Keep Crafting!